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I don’t know about you, but we have 10 weeks of summer holidays… That’s 70 days. Or 840 hours awake. Or exactly 2527 time you will hear “I’m boooooored”. Ugh. To take some of the guesswork out of those 10 weeks, here is are 70 (outdoor) summer activity ideas for each of those days. After all, summers should be spent outside.

Outdoor Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

Outdoor Summer Activity Ideas


  1. Carnival
  2. Take a trip to the beach or lake
  3. Farmer’s Market
  4. A big park in a neighboring city that they have never been to
  5. Take a hike or nature walk
  6. Waterslides
  7. Mini golf
  8. Outdoor concert or festival
  9. Berry picking
  10. Go fishing

Water Play

Summer Waterplay Ideas for Kids

  1. Float down a river
  2. Visit the spray park
  3. Go to an outdoor pool
  4. Water fight!!!!! Try sponges in buckets of water, rather than water balloons. It is easier for little kids, and doesn’t leave shredded balloon all over the yard for birds to eat.
  5. Fill a big plastic bin or bucket with water, give them soap and a bunch of toys or plastic dishes.
  6. Slip and slide. Get a wide and long plastic sheet from the hardware store so you can have races.
  7. Freeze some cheap plastic toys in a bucket of water, then let the kids figure out how to get the toys!
  8. Wash the car
  9. Make a bike-wash
  10. Don’t forget the sprinkler

Get Dirty

  1. Sand (or mud) castles
  2. Dig for worms or catch bugs
  3. Plant a herb garden
  4. Mud pies or mud soup
  5. Mud painting or mud hand/footprints
  6. Make a terrarium or fairy garden
  7. Body or face painting with water colors
  8. Find the biggest hill you can, and roll down it
  9. Bubble science – gather glycerin, corn syrup, dish soap and water, and try to create the best bubble mixture.
  10. Climb a tree


  1. Puddle jump in your bathing suit
  2. Make paper boats to float in puddles
  3. Get some natural soap, put on a bathing suit and have a rain shower
  4. Set up the play tent outside
  5. Rain art. Use washable markers and draw on paper or paper towels. Take the pictures outside and see how the rain changes them.
  6. Rescue the worms that come out when it rains
  7. Play in the sandbox; how is it different than on a sunny day?
  8. Make a weather station to measure how much rain falls
  9. Use chalk to draw on the pavement and see what happens
  10. Go on a nature walk and see what is different than a sunny nature walk

Active Games

  1. Hide and seek
  2. Kick the can (remember that one?)
  3. Create a dance
  4. Act out a story
  5. Freeze tag. Blob Tag. Tunnel Tag.
  6. Make a treasure hunt for them – or have them make one for you.
  7. Dodgeball or red rover. Ahh, the pain of childhood games…
  8. Frisbee or catch
  9. Jump rope
  10. Make an obstacle course

Quiet Time

  1. Outdoor stories or movies
  2. String games
  3. Jacks
  4. Make a picnic, and eat it either in your own yard or take it to the park
  5. Beanbag games
  6. Look at the stars. Use an app to learn the constellations’ names
  7. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows
  8. Go on a “sound” treasure hunt; how many types of sounds can you hear on a nature walk?
  9. Camp out in the yard

Get Crafty

10 Outdoor Craft Ideas for Summer

  1. Paint rocks or sticks
  2. Grab some old sheets and make a fort. Use lawn furniture or a swing-set as a starter.
  3. Melted crayon pictures in the sun
  4. Invent and draw a giant game on large paper, or with chalk in the driveway
  5. Draw road lines on the pavement for bikes, scooters, or Hot Wheels
  6. Get hold of some wood scraps (try your local building center), and set them loose with a hammer and nails
  7. Paper airplanes; make them then see who can go furthest/highest/make the most loops
  8. Build forts with cardboard and packing tape. You can get free boxes from grocery stores, and the forts can last outside until it rains.
  9. Shadow tracing, on paper or with chalk
  10. Nature art – collect natural items, and create art. A picture, a sculpture, it can be anything!
  11. Leaf rubbings

The next time someone says “I’m bored” this summer, whip out this list to find new summer activity ideas. Even better, print out the list and put it on the fridge. How many can you complete this summer holiday? Be sure to share your favourite summer activity idea in the comments.


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