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Hi! I’m Carolyn.


The Fresh is a place to help busy moms like you live your freshest, best-est life.


I started this blog because I got tired.

I was tired of doing everything for everyone but me. I was tired of comparing myself to my social media feeds and thinking “my life can never look like that”. I was tired of seeing the happy, laughing families at the park, while I yelled at my kids to stop throwing sand in each other’s faces. I was tired of being TIRED. I spent my days thinking and planning how to get it all done, and when I couldn’t, I felt awful. So I kind of stopped trying. Sad face.

It was Time to Change. 

 I eventually realized that no one was going to fix my life for me, and if I wanted to feel better, I had to make some changes. The biggest and best thing I did was to stop should-ing myself to death. Yes, goals are great, but not when they were so unreachable that they  made me feel like garbage when I didn’t meet them. I started setting myself up for success instead; small goals = big results. 

Momentum is a Good Thing

 Once I got perfectionism out of the way, things really started to change for me. Individually, these changes aren’t huge; but just like building a 900-piece Lego Police Station at 11pm on Christmas Eve, little by little, a foundation is built. Then the first floor. Then the glass-case of emotion (just kidding). And eventually, you step back and can say “Wow! I did it!”

The Big Three

The big three areas where I made happy little changes were by taking care of my body, changing my self-talk, and by embracing change (however hesitantly!) I yell less. I have more energy. I DEFINITELY stress less. Even my husband mentioned I look happier. Of course my kids still throw sand. But now, it isn’t the end of the world to me. I’m kinder not only to myself, but to everyone around me. It’s pretty awesome.

Are You Ready to Live YOUR Freshest Life?

It really is the little things in life, and I hope you find some small changes on The Fresh to make your life just a little bit fresher… a little bit easier… a little bit better!

These posts will get you started:

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I can’t wait to hear what questions you have, so send me a message about what you are stuck on, and we can figure it out together.




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