I am not perfect. 

I liked to think that I was an independent soul who didn’t succumb to the pressures of perfection, Instagram and Facebook. I was above it, and could see the truth behind the filters and hashtags of #blessed #fitfam and #eatclean.

Then, one summer, I basically cried daily during our family vacation; I was supposed to be relaxing, and instead snapped at my kids for nothing and couldn’t enjoy myself.


Insert counselling and a deep look at myself. Sure, I said I didn’t believe in being perfect, but I was literally crumbling under the all-or-nothing approach.  I should work out every day. I should plan meals. I should go on bike rides with my kids before dinner. I should stop drinking so much. I should eat less meat and cheese. I should. I should. I should.

Instead, I did nothing, and then felt bad about it.

I was burying myself under all of the “I shoulds”, and quitting before I even started; if I can’t be perfect like them, then why bother?

Well… Fuck That. Sometimes, done is better than perfect, and doing something is better than nothing.

The Fresh is the place I  created to show how I am living MY Freshest Life, without hard rules, limits, or perfection. It is about feeling good, thanks to Fresh Food, Fresh Air, and conversations about living a Fresh Life.

and neither is my family. 


My family is not perfect and we have our quirks (just like you, I suspect!). I live with my husband and our 4 year old, “Little A”, and two cats on the glorious West Coast of British Columbia. Little A didn’t cry when he was born, nor for the first 2 months of his life; his happy-go-lucky personality continues! We also share “Big A” (age 7) 50/50 with his Dad. Big A likely has ADHD, and is the busiest, most inquisitve, and smart child you will ever meet. He is also the loudest. Certainly a challenge for this introvert Mom!

Let’s just say it can get noisy and crazy at our house.

We are finding our way together, and the only thing that keeps me sane these days is plenty of time outside, a sense of humour and an early bedtime for the kids.

Welcome to The Fresh; a place of acceptance, inspiration, and (maybe?) calm in your normally crazy day.

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